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What is the LipScrub Brush?

The LipScrub Brush is a lip exfoliating beauty brush designed to replace the toothbrush model of exfoliating lips. Used toothbrushes carry up to 10 million bacteria, and are toxic and too sharp for the lip’s surface. <a toothbrush is bacteria-ridden, petroleum based, toxic, and too sharp for the lip’s surface.>

What do the three brush heads do?

Featuring a dual-sided precision end, three brush heads offer fine-tuned attention to delicate areas including the outlining of lips, two outermost corners and cupid’s bow. This gives you the highest grade of exfoliation while simultaneously plumping, and having long lasting lip liners, lip glosses, lip stains and mattes with the perfect flake-free canvas.   

It is also the perfect tool for women who love to outline or overline lips, lick lips, or want to get the most from current lip scrub products!

How do I use The LipScrub Brush?

How is this brush different from a toothbrush?

The bristles are vegetable based and made with activated charcoal

Is it safe on clients or other people?

Yes, the bristles are antibacterial to prevent harmful bacteria from living on the brush.

How easy is it to clean or sanitize the brush?

Rinse bristles thoroughly with water. Allow to dry.

Why activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal allows the bristles to be antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. This also has the ability to lighten dull skin. 

What are the bristles made of?

The bristles are vegetable-based, instead of petroleum-based.

What is exfoliation? Why do I need to exfoliate my lips?

Exfoliation is the process of removing the uppermost layer of dead skin, allowing for younger, vibrant skin to surface. Daily exfoliation promotes new skin growth, for a healthier, softer looking appearance. Exfoliation also allows lip product application to go on smoother, longer, and   

Is The LipScrub Brush vegan or cruelty free?

The LipScrub Brush is both vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

How often should you use the brush?

For best results, exfoliate twice a day, morning and before bed.

How does the brush help with lip product application?

Applying a layer a makeup upon a layer of dead skin, compromises the look, feel, and longevity of even the highest quality of products. This leads to flaky, peeling, chapped skin preventing the smooth, even application of lip products. 

Why do you use vegetable-based bristles?

Bristles are vegan and petroleum-free.

When does the brush need to be replaced?

For best results, replace brush every three months.

Is the brush safe to use on sensitive lips?

Yes, the bristles have polished tips and are gentle enough for all skin types. 

What do I use The LipScrub Brush with?

The LipScrub Brush can be paired with any brand name or DIY lip scrub, as well as lip balm.

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